How Hong Kong Re-Export American Values of Democracy and Liberty

How Hong Kong Re-Export American Values of Democracy and Liberty


The current anti-communist and anti-Chinazi revolution in Hong Kong is more than a local uprising—it brings the world into an age of revolution. Hong Kong protestors are fighting for Hong Kong autonomy and democracy written in the Basic Law; they denounce the police brutality backed by Hong Kong and Beijing dictators. Hong Kong protests inspire revolutions against tyrannies worldwide. Protestors from Iraq, Indonesia, Peru and Chile learn not only the technique but also the spirit of Hong Kong anti-Chinazi revolution: anonymousness (無名), courageousness (勇武) and decentralisation (沒有大台). Like the Tunisian Revolution led to the Jasmine Revolution in 2011, Hong Kong Revolution leads to Anti-Chinazi Revolution in 2019. But who inspires Hong Kong Revolution?


Someone may say Ukraine—which is true, as many Hong Kong protestors are inspired by the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution and adopt lots of technique from Ukrainian protestors. However, there must be values or belief behind every revolution. Ukrainian fights against Russian intervention while Hong Kongese fights against Communist occupation, for both treasures the value of freedom, which they learn actually from the United States, the leading democratic and liberal nation in the world.


Social media and newspaper worldwide are flooded with the photos of Hong Kong protestors waving the Star-Spangled Banners. They wave the Star-Spangled Banner for a simple reason: because it represents democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law. By contrast, the red flag with five stars represents tyranny—in particular, the blood like redness reminds us of the 1989 June Fourth massacre. There is a war of national flags—between the American flag and the flag of China—everywhere in Hong Kong. The pro-government gangsters wave the flag of China when they beat up protestors; the freedom fighters wave the American flag when they fight back. American values of freedom and democracy are the beliefs underlying the Hong Kong anti-Chinazi Revolution.


Hong Kong Revolution, therefore, is a re-branding of American values of freedom and democracy. The current export of revolution from Hong Kong to other nations is actually a re-exporting of American values, which are actually universal values. Any government supported by Chinazi or acts like the Communist dictatorship should be overthrown. Having universal suffrage does not mean the end of autocracy. Corrupted elections and jurisdiction, income inequality, ethnic discriminations and police brutality are all violations of human rights and must be rejected by the believers of American values.


It is difficult for the United States to promotes her own values to the world, as we have seen in the Middle East. The United States is too peaceful—at least the government does not act as the Chinese Communist Party. American citizens are passionate, but they lack the passion for revolution—simply because they don’t have an environment of revolution. The values of democracy and liberty have already been manifested. There are little corruption and Chinese or Russian intervention (comparing with Ukraine and Hong Kong, the so-called foreign intervention of the elections in the United States is quite mild). So it is difficult for American to show others how to fight for freedom. Americans do not need to fight for freedom because their forefathers have already fought for them. But Hong Kongese needs to fight for their own freedom—for the promises in the Basic Law have not yet been fulfilled. Hong Kong freedom fighters manifest their revolutionary passions for freedom which tug at the heartstrings of the oppressed people all over the world. That’s why Hong Kong can re-export American values and re-brand them with revolutionary passions.


If American believe that democracy and liberty are good for all human beings, and if American renounce all forms of autocracy, they should be in favour of the re-exporting and re-branding of American values by Hong Kong to the world. The spread of the anti-communist revolution also significantly weaken the influence of Chinazi. Hong Kong was a re-exporting harbour for China for centuries; now, Hong Kong should become a re-exporting harbour for the United States.


保衛家園,打倒極權!Save our family, down with tyranny!