[中英對照] 2019 Anti-Chinazi Declaration 己亥剿共宣言

Notes: This declaration is drafted by my supporters and submitted to Kowloon Collectanea. I, as the chief editor, edit and translate the declaration into English and hope someone else may also translate this declaration into other languages.


2019 Anti-Chinazi Declaration


Great is the heavenly way, for the sinners shall be judged. Holy is God, for the evil shall be burnt. Chinazi, who is Soviet dreg, has been corrupting the law, pretending to be the successor of cultural China, seizing the mainland, separating the country and threatening other East Asian nations for 70 years. Our ancestors who follow Confucian ethics refused to associate with Chinazi and fled to Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong has also been occupied by the Communist for more than 20 years. How can the moral and faithful people turn a blind eye to Chinazi who brings calamity to the world?


The harms of Chinazi is greater than any tyranny in Chinese history. Over the last 70 years, the Chinese Communist party killed millions of innocent people. Eight hundred thousands were killed in the political movements during the 1950s. Thirty million people died in hunger during the great famine of the Great Leap Forward (1958-1962). Millions were killed in the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), and thousands were killed in 4 June Massacre (1989). The homelands of Tibetan and Uyghurs are turned into bloodbaths. The dead are not buried while the living lost their families. Now Xi Jinping the Commie even build concentration camps to massacre the surviving Uyghurs. How can God allow such evil things to happen?


Since the Communist occupation of Hong Kong in 1997, Hong Kongese cannot escape from the same misfortune. Hong Kongese naively believed that the Communist has already repented and would follow the Basic Law by implementing One Country Two Systems and Hong Kong Autonomy. However, the Communist are fickle and irresponsible. The constitution is ignored while democratisation is rejected. The enormous Chinese cultural colonisation finally awakens hong Kognese. In 2014 the ‘831 decision’ declared by the Chinese government denied Hong Kongese’s rights of nomination in Chief Executive election, which led to the outbreak of Umbrella Revolution. A series of politic prosecutions followed the failure of the revolution. When the arrogant gangster Carrie Lam has come to power, situation aggravates. The 2019 amendment of Extradition law proposed transferring suspects from Hong Kong to mainland China which violates the jurisdiction independence of Hong Kong under One Country Two Systems. Since 12 June, armless people have become freedom fighters defending themselves from tear gas, water cannon and even real bullets. The savage police are gangsters; wherever they go, blood is shed. Having realised the lack of supports, the police even collaborated with triads and beat up innocent passer-by on 21 July Terror Attack. The police killed people in 831 Incident and raped the arrested in San Uk Ling Holding Centre. The government even hire Chinese witches to curse the protestors. Hence the New Territories is full of clashes while Kowloon and Hong Kong are full of anger. The young and the old courageously fight against the tyranny and shout: ‘if we die, you die with us!’


The ancients said: ‘barbarian government cannot survive more than one hundred years.’ Hong Kong and Chinese Commie are Soviet dregs. Soviet is barbarian; they turn against the heavenly command and do not fear God, but hate the people and corrupt the nation. God’s commandments are simple: love God and love the neighbours. But the Communist are atheist. They have no humanity and righteousness and destroy Confucian rituals. As Mencius said, people without commiserations are not human beings. So, the prophet Habakkuk warned, ‘Because thou hast spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee; because of men’s blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein.’ (Habakkuk 2:8) For God shall destroy the evil, the shall revolt against the tyranny.


Two hundred years ago, the faithful people on the East coast of the Pacific Ocean defended their freedom and established the United States. Now the classical Chinese (Waa Haa) descents on the West coast of the Pacific Ocean shall intimate their faiths and courage. We raise the flag of Christ and expel the atheist demon: overthrow the tyranny, eliminate the gangsters, and establish a Christendom.


Restore Democracy, Regain Autonomy!

Liberate our city, Expel Chinazi!

Glory be to Hong Kong, Victory be to Christ!


29 September 2019

Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels