You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road – the sacrifice of Hong Kong’s protesters

You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road – the sacrifice of Hong Kong’s protesters

by Apeiron Cheung

  • After 22 years of Chinese colonization, Hongkongers annul the HKSAR’s logo and Hang up British Hong Kong’s Flag.


“You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road” is lyrics from a traditional Scottish song. I first heard it when I was reading a passage about Hong Kong’s history in the Second World War. At that time, The United Kingdom army formed by English, Scottish, Canadian and Nepali defended Hong Kong. They fought against the Axis, and they were defending the Hong Kong Island, which is at the south of Victoria Harbour. In the battle, a Scottish commander said to a solder “You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road”. The soldier thought that the commander ordered him to escape on the high road, but actually the Scottish commander made a decision of dead-or-alive. In the context of the song “Loch Lomond”, those who took the low road were believed to have elves brought their souls back to Scotland through the underground route after death. 

At that time, I could not understand how a person can be so brave to sacrifice himself. 

Today, I saw many Hongkongers doing so, and I finally realized.


Starting from June 2019, 2 million Hongkongers, almost one-third of the population were protesting against the government, in order to protect the Hong Kong’s law system, as well as the basic human rights in Hong Kong. 3 civilian committed suicide up to now and the media praised them as selfless hero sacrificing themselves. At the same time, those who decided to commit suicide in a different way, fighting against the “gangsters police force” by their own fists, were defined as “spies who sabotage the movement” by the media.
In Hong Kong, if you have any criminal record, you are no longer to get a job to earn a living, as well as migrating to other countries, and it means an end to your life. Once the police said that you attacked the policemen, the judge would regard police’s testimony legitimate no matter how strong your testimony and evidence to prove your innocence. The political prisoners Edward Leung Tin Kei, Marco Lee Kwok Hei, Keita Lee Ching Hei, Chan Pak Yeung, Yung Wai Yip, Yuen Chi Kui, and many others had a criminal record in this way.
During the protests in 2019 June, many protesters were injured by the Hong Kong police. Some of them were being shot in the head, some of them got bungled. The policemen even used pepper spray to shoot them in the face. 

It is life-risking to rebel against the violence of the Hong Kong Police. Yet the protesters did. They get themselves all-in to the movement and try their best to get their motherland Hong Kong back. At midnight on July 1, they broke into the Legislative Council, annulled the HKSAR’s logo, and hung British Hong Kong’s flag up.

July 1 is the most celebrated day in Canada (Canada Day) while it is the most tragic day in Hong Kong (Conquered and colonized by China), WE HONGKONGERS ERADICATED OUR SHAME BY OUR OWN HANDS on this day, 22 years after 1997.


Now I realize the minds of those heroes are the same, no matter the UK army in the Second World War and the HK’s protesters, their love to their home country and the people, and their passion to sacrifice themselves in order to fight against the evil. It is the hate to injustice, the basic truth that we might have long forgotten.







羅夢湖的歌詞”You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road”,裡面涉及蘇格蘭一個傳說,精靈會引領戰死的士兵的靈魂從地底返鄉。蘇格蘭軍官在死守黃泥涌碉堡,向下屬下達這命令,並不是分頭逃走,而是決心赴死。